Raising Resilient Kids: The Importance of Teaching Them to Lose and Fail

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  • John's avatar

    Right in brother! I agree 100%. Sounds like y’all had a fun time. I enjoyed hearing about it on the uncensored podcast yesterday

  • Jeffrey's avatar

    I agree totally! I went through the Boy Scouts with my son and I was the same way building his derby car we always lost as well but it was a long time ago 😂

  • Ben's avatar

    Great post! You hit the nail on the head. Scouting taught me a lot and fostered my love of the outdoors and I’m sure it will in your son as well!

  • Hayden's avatar

    I am a life scout right now started as cub just like your son. Stick with it for sure! It can be very very very challenging to balance with life in general but the skills I’ve learned already are helping me so much in life. People might pick on him and give him crap when he gets older but it’s worth it in the long run! Keep going little man!!!

  • Hayden's avatar

    @Hayden I also won the derby a few times so DM me and I’ll help u out😂

  • Brad's avatar

    Thanks y’all! Appreciate the support

  • John's avatar

    @Brad take this as you want but if you dont let kids compete and fail sometimes they will think the world owes them a fair chance at everything, life does not work that way, teach them that they get out of life whatever they put into it and they might have a chance

  • Brad's avatar

    @John agreed!

  • Shawn's avatar

    @Brad way to be a parent...and not just a parent, but a dad. We need men in homes that love amd care for their families, not just run businesses....and you're doing both. Keep it up man!

  • Brian's avatar

    I was a boy scout when i was a boy, then after i had kids ,I became a scoutmaster for the local boy scout troop for 11 years. I had the pleasure of watching several young boys grow up to become men who were well respected in the community, and whenever I see any of them now they are always polite and make sure to say hello and ask if I need help or anything. It makes me feel proud to have mentored so many young men and they still have the time to talk to you and not brush you off as just another person out thete.

  • Lisa's avatar

    Absolutely! I step back and let my Sons deal with issues. The biggest thing I'm honed in on is how to survive with what we all take for granted: water, electricity, food (what if it isn't at grocery stores), heat when it's cold. I need these boys to depend on each other and think outside of the box at the what-ifs. To not panic but to pursue solutions. It sounds like you're doing great, Brad. The admiration he will have for you and a bond you'll always have. Parenting is an adventure for each of us! The Lord tells us how our children are like arrows. How we train them can benefit them, their parents, and society. Psalm 127:4 (NKJV) - Like arrows are in the hand of a warrior, so are children of one's youth. Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them

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