Raising a New Flag: Retiring the Old One

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    Looks GREAT!🤜🏼🤛🏼

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    We actually were going to get a new flag last week...but changed our minds and we hung my Montana state flag beside the American flag.
    There is probably some sort of protocol for hanging other flags with the American flag. 🤔 Do you know?
    Hmm. If I get a photo tomorrow of our flags, I'll post and tag ya.
    I love flags!🇺🇸

  • Bruce's avatar

    @Lisa I thought about hanging a Kentucky state flag but I don’t know the protocols either. I know it has to be lower. That’s all I know.

  • Lisa's avatar

    I'll take a picture of the ones hanging here. The MT flag is even with the American flag😬

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    Ok, I guess it is slightly lower.

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    Look it up on google. There are lots proper procedures for hanging our flag. I think all other flags are supposed to be to the left and not in an equal position of importance. Have to look at that and see if I’m right. It’s important to hang it correctly, if not it’s a show of intentional disrespect. It’s important to me after all the years I spent in the service. And all the other veterans also. I’m sure you wouldn’t do it intentionally. If left up at night, it is supposed to have a light illuminating it. Way to many procedures to post. I love our flag and what it represents and stands for!!!

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    Thanks for flying it and showing your patriotism! I wish more people would show their love for this country by hanging one at their home. I fly one at my house and one at my hardware store. I have more veterans shop at the store just because we’re the only one around our area who does fly it. You ever notice that you don’t see our flag at any of the big corporate stores. They are mostly woke leftists companies who don’t have a patriotic bone in them. Sorry for my soapbox. It’s a big deal to me.

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