Hunting for Population Control and Nutrition

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    That is awesome, congratulations on your hunt. 👍

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  • Joe's avatar

    Congratulations on the hunt 👍

  • Brad's avatar

    Congrats! That one is on my bucket list. Took my first animal with the help of hounds this week.

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  • Hunter's avatar

    Nice cat congrats

  • Bruce's avatar

    Congratulations. Mountain lion is on my bucket list.

  • Daniel's avatar

    Wow that is amazing, always wanted to give that a try.

  • Joshua's avatar

    Big ol kitty

  • Brian's avatar

    heck yeah dream hunt for an Indiana hillbilly!! congratulations on a beautiful lion. great job 👍

  • Butch's avatar

    I tried 3 times for cat. Unsuccessful all three. Like you I love the meat best wild game I have ever tasted. I always had intentions of going again but life and work got in the way. At 70+ I have decided I will never get a lion or that sheep I always coveted. Congratulations on your beautiful cat!!

  • Eddie's avatar

    I have never heard that before who would of thought a big cat would be good good eating, tell me about your shot what distance and angle did you use to take him out of the tree

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    Congrats on the Big Cat and a lil envious of your cool adventures 😉

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