No Time for Belittlement

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  • Cory's avatar

    I am sorry you have had to endure so much and felt as if you have not been heard. It takes a great amount of strength and courage to write this up. Much respect!

  • Brad's avatar

    I’ve seen it quite a bit in our industry, and especially for women. I’ve come to just write those people off when they’ve done this to me (I am not trying to mansplain how to handle being a woman in the hunting industry 😂—just saying as an industry “newbie” over the years I’ve had this happen). You seem to be doing well at brushing the BS off. Keep it up. ✊

  • Cole's avatar

    We’ll said Rachelle. It’s sad to hear this happens to you but know you’re not alone. Keep you’re head up and keep pushing on. People like that don’t need to be part of life in my opinion. Keep up the good work! Thanks for your influence

  • Mason's avatar

    Stay strong! Your opinion is appreciated 🙏👍

  • T's avatar

    Amen sista’!

  • David's avatar

    I too have experienced belittlement my entire life because of how I look (no prize winner here), my demeanor, my personality, how I live my life. Still do. A lot of it comes from females, trying to find that special someone. And there's how I live my life and my opinions. I work hard, keep a clean house. Love being outdoors.
    I don't spend all my nights in a bar, getting shit faces, and then sleeping it off on the weekends, so I get it for that.
    So, I ignore it, cut people like that out if my life. If you can't accept me FOR BEING ME, thats on the other person.
    In the end I'm happy and no one will bring me down or change me into what they think I should be.
    I'm grateful for the GoWild community where I can be me.

  • David's avatar

    100% agree with what everyone else has said here. People like that don't need to be in your life. You do you and stay strong.

  • Kendel's avatar

    Say it louder for those in the bacm

  • Amy's avatar

    I 100% feel ya sister!!!

  • Kae's avatar

    I’ve had similar experiences working in EMS. And even in my divorce. I appreciate your openness and straightforwardness more than you’ll ever know. Everyone is brought into our lives to either, encourage, challenge, or grow us. Sometimes all three at once, and the last two more often than not. Either way, when we take these experiences and push on, it will only benefit us and our journey. Keep being the badass you are and stay humble, you’re awesome!

  • Hubert's avatar

    Rachelle, don't give those folks a second thought!
    That type has always brought a smile to my face and bewilderment to theirs, because that wasn't the reaction that they expected.
    When that type person does that to someone, they don't even realize they have exposed their own huge character flaw. I call it the "little man syndrome" (and it has nothing to do with physical size).
    They are afraid of someone that they see as a challenger, someone that might possibly take them off their high horse, so just like an ole rooster, they crow the louder in hopes this person they see as a threat will cower without a challenge. Bullies, hoping no one puts them in their place.
    Good chance you have already accomplished more than they had at the same age, which means they already see you passing them up, so they try and make you doubt yourself.
    From what I have seen right here on this platform, you have already surpassed a large population of folks in accomplishments and you have NO REASON to hang your head.
    Remember your roots and don't ever become prideful, that's what causes folks to belittle others.
    Feed the right wolf!

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