Hunting: Necessity to Passion

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    You're 100% right on how hard it is to not loose it on some of the hunting "professionals". I hate it when these individuals push a narrative about something that can't be described in a single word or phrase. Hunting is a very integral part of humanity. I don't believe we should have to bite our tongues anymore around these pompous fleshbags. Keep at @Rachelle .

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    @Rachelle very well spoken as always! I too can remember times when all we could afford to eat wad what we were able to catch or hunt! My father taught us that you don't kill it unless you plan on eating it which has stuck with me to this very day, just like we were taught if you put it on your plate you better eat it. It is from these humble beginnings that I have learned a reverence for what I harvest afield and am grateful for what I have. I don't begrudge those who happen to harvest a "trophy" animal but when that becomes the focus of one's reason to hunt, that reverence starts to fade. My trophy is the food that fills our plate and freezer knowing that we are and can be self sufficient when/should the need arise. This is simply my view being a lowly hunter...and know that many of us worthless lowly folks enjoy your opinions and share them!

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    Nice elk man

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