Spring Snow: From Green to White!

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    That's gonna be us here in KY tonight/tomorrow morning.

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    @Derek I love the seasons and all, but I don't love the cold.. or all 4 seasons in one day 🤣

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    @Rachel ha! Right?! I happen to love the cold, just not during turkey season.

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  • Brian's avatar

    It’s supposed to hit here tonight. Just in time for the turkey opener. Not looking forward to it.

  • Sagedog's avatar

    Looks like Utah weather!

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  • Rachel's avatar

    @Brian as soon as the snow quits those birds will be all over the edges of the treelines, may make for a great hunt if it hits right 🤞 good luck!

  • Rachel's avatar

    @Dale I always tell myself somehwere else would be better to live than here surely (weather wise) haha.. everywhere has it's craziness I guess 🤪

  • Sagedog's avatar

    @Rachel so true! I love Utah though, you can be skiing in the morning and water skiing in the afternoon

  • Larry's avatar

    Today's weather blows

  • Rachel's avatar

    @Cory Fels isn't it crazy?! It was whiting out the road to the point I had to drive like 30 mph on the highway around 11 am on the way to the vet office.. by 3 pm it was almost gone off the fields when I got home 🤪

  • Rachel's avatar

    @Larry amen I am a summer girl all the way 😂

  • Brian's avatar

    @Rachel I’m hoping it’s over by the time it gets light. We’ll see.

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