Quick Turnarounds on Mock Scrapes: PA Hunting Season Opening Soon!

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    Whats your process for moc scrapes? Ive tried a few different methods but havent seen very good results.

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    @Jon it’s really dependent upon the circumstances of the set up. Some mocks I just kick out another big portion of dirt beside more of the hanging branches on the same tree and then urinate in it. Others like this one I trimmed an apple tree branch from an existing scrape that’s usually hit and took it into this location about a half mile away and wired it up where I needed it, then raked out really cleanly beneath it and applied some buck fever synthetics forehead gland to the branch and their pre rut scent to the dirt. With any mocks though I always try to at least mimic the type of tree they seem to prefer to scrape under locally even if it’s a mile away or more where you find the closest scrapes. I also try to be as careful as possible with my human odor especially on the licking branch ends in particular. Some mocks will just take off others for some reason won’t, I think it depends a lot on how much competition there is in the area and if you put the mock somewhere that there’s a lot of deer traffic and they feel safe using it. If you keep trying it and do your best to mimic the local scrapes you should eventually start to see some results and pick up on what works best. Good luck to ya!

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    Appreciate the info.

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Whitetail hunting, bass fishing, and trout fishing enthusiast from Cambria County Pennsylvania. Father of 3 future outdoor fanatics 🤟🏻. Husband to a very patient and supporting wife 🤣.

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