Queen of the Mile Episode 6: Hitting a 10 Inch Plate at 1000 Yards

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    Here’s the You Tube Channel for all the Episodes https://youtube.com/channel/UCz99umvEiK3JYAT7nsQltZQ

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    And here’s the most recent episode (6) https://youtu.be/ekqIA1TenD0

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    I just saw a video yesterday about king of 2 miles. So women only get a mile? That’s not right. I want to see the ladies shooting 2 miles. Oh then I want to see the winner of men’s and ladies go head to head for the fun of it.

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    @Coyote I’m in. I’ll bring my “Master Blaster”. Hubby used it to bring down this buck at 1005 yards 10 years ago. Nothing quite like a 338 Lapua.

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    @Coyote that is the name of it, geez. Its actually not far from me and tb

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    @Coyote you can mock me all you want- that’s fine. I’m proud of participating in this event having no gun experience whatsoever and only shooting bows. I had 2.5 days of training under pressure with cameras in my face all while dealing with my disability and disease and it was quite difficult.

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    @Joni no no, you misunderstand. I wasn’t mocking you I was only saying I’d like to see the ladies shoot the same distances the men shoot. I apologize that it seemed like I was.

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