Push Your Range Sweepstakes: Best Rounds for Personal Defense

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    45 acp brings the knockdown power

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    9mm is the best

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    Blackhills Honeybadger 9mm rounds.

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    Hornady Critical Duty 40 S&W

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    My every day carry is 9mm gold dot hollow points . Not what I prefer more of what I can afford 😂

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    Personal Defense HST .40.

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    I carry a .380 because it fits in my front pocket very easily.

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    .357 Magnum is the most proven man stopping round in history, period.

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    .22 mag in the Kel Tec PMR30. Hits hard, light recoil, and 30 rd mag comes standard😉

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    Which ever round you are most comfortable/accurate shooting .

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    45 acp

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    Any caliber is better than nothing but 9mm or 45 ACP depending on what your comfortable with.

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    9mm is the standard for a reason

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    The closest one.

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    Federal Premium Law Enforcement 147 grain HST JHP 9mm

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    .45 acp

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    10 mm

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    I carry Federal HST 9mm and Federal HST Micro .38 Special.

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    Hornady Critical Defense 40 S&W 165 gr FTX

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    9mm Glock 17 Gen2. 17 and 1

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    I carry Hornady Critical Defense 9mm. Switched a few different times, but they work for me.

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    Haven’t had to use one yet so don’t know for sure. I use Barnes though—sorry @Federal

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    Well, I’d say it’s the one you’ve got that you’re carrying. But if you were looking to get a CC I’d say a 9mm. It’s a good round, has a million options for type of bullet, is available everywhere and almost every semi-auto has it available as an option.

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    Federal HST

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    Federal HST #PushYourRange

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    9mm for a pistol. Ammo is cheep enough to practice a lot and it comes in many different shape and size frames to fit your needs. Revolvers however I’m going with .357 not as easy to carry as a 9mm pistol but when it comes to revolvers it is the biggest bang for your buck. Huge knockdown power and comes with the option of using .38 rounds for lots of cheep practice.

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    10mm a lot of rounds and alot of punch

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    Hand gun amo

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