Public Land Hunter's Triumph

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    Solid work dude. Welcome to GoWild Jonah

  • Jonah's avatar

    @David thank you!!

  • Jonah's avatar

    @Dorran Larner thanks man 🙌🏼

  • Ferg's avatar

    @Jonah yer welcome man. Shame u had some assholes getting in the way on purpose but great u still got it done man

  • Lyn's avatar

    Nice bull! That’s a bum deal for that outfitter to do that. Pretty sure there are laws against it. I know here in AK it’s illegal. Be careful with your wording. It seems like you are blaming all private land outfitters in your post. I like the wave after the kill. Determination wins. 👍😜

  • Jonah's avatar

    @Lyn unfortunately about 90% of the land owners in the area will do anything to reduce the success rate of public land hunters. It’s well known for the area too. Even had one reach for my rifle 😱

  • Lyn's avatar

    @Jonah that’s a bummer. What area of Montana?

  • Jonah's avatar

    @Lyn south central!

  • Lyn's avatar

    @Jonah got ya. I’ve done some hunting over by Augusta.

  • Brad's avatar

    Welcome aboard Jonah!

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  • Alex's avatar

    Sounds like a one finger wave kinda situation.

  • Jonah's avatar

    @Alex haha yes 😂 definitely had to keep my cool

  • Adam D's avatar

    Welcome to it man. I can sympathize to a smaller degree. I used to run into that kind of thing a lot with ski boats and jet skis in my hardcore bass fishing days.

  • Coyote's avatar

    After that I’d be out there shooting the rest of the season to pay them back.

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Jonah P


Conservation Bullets & arrows Instagram: @jonah_prill

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