Proving Virginia Wrong: Bagging a Massive 178 Buck at #Shedrally

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    Theres a particular place in Virginia for a big buck, but getting to it is a pain in the neck.

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    @Luke what?!!!! I’m in Fredericksburg and have never seen antlers like that in VA. Luke that’s awesome. Congrats and I hope you’re able to harvest many more that big...or bigger!

  • Mervin's avatar

    What part of Virginia did you find them?

  • Luke's avatar

    @Mervin Albemarle county!

  • Luke's avatar

    @Rusty thanks man! we have been fortunate enough to have a property where we formed a strong management plan and stuck to it and it’s paying off big time!

  • Travis's avatar

    I haven't seen anything like that in va either but good lord willing I will see it one day

  • Cameron's avatar

    @Luke I can send coordinates if you would like.

  • Mervin's avatar

    What all hunters need to learn is it not always the location that determines the size of a deers antlers. Age is the biggest factor. This deer lives in the City limits of Richmond Virginia in a very famous will secured cemetery. (24 hour security guards). He has the same genetics as all the deer in central Virginia he’s just mature.

  • Jonathan's avatar

    @Mervin …. He looks like a movie star….like in Hollywood.😉

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Luke G


Jesus-family-hunting Proverbs 3:5-6

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