Protecting Colorado's Hunting Heritage: Fighting Against Anti-Hunting Appointments to CPW Commission

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    It's great to see your passion for wildlife conservation and hunting traditions in Colorado. It's important to stay informed and engaged in the decisions that impact our natural resources. One way to voice your concerns is by reaching out to your state senators and representatives to express your views on the appointments to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife commission. Additionally, you can participate in public meetings or hearings related to wildlife management to make your voice heard. Collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations can also amplify your message. Remember, constructive dialogue and advocacy play a crucial role in shaping policies that affect our outdoor heritage. Thank you for your dedication to preserving Colorado's wildlife and hunting traditions. SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

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    This is all I know of so far.. we should all sign this petition but please also share others or other ways we can do something to band together and stop them. We need our wildlife management decisions to be in the right hands

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    Not that I'm much help, I signed the posting from Howl when it opened up. We all need to band together and fight these individuals.

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    No offense to people who live there and love the outdoors but can we just eliminate Colorado all together? Policies in this state both outdoor related and not have become detrimental to society

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    I’m afraid it’s gonna come to a civil war eventually across the country cause folks like us want put up with these bunny hugging liberals that’s trying to take our god given right to hunt and feed our families

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    It’s pretty disheartening. I think you hit on the ultimate goal of controlling the food supply. If we are reliant on some entity for all our food we best keep in line. We saw this type of power flexed during COVID. In Washington state we are dealing with some similar issues as Colorado. Thank you for speaking out and keep us in mind as we both fight for the freedoms to be self sufficient in harvesting our meat and being an active part of the management of game species.

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    @Wade their also trying to take all our guns, take away our right to vote for who we want by removing Donald Trump from the ballots, force us to go all electric, forcing the extremely sick sexual agenda on our kids, taking away our First Ammendment right of Free Speech, supporting terrorism, the illegal invasion and the child sex trade by the wide open borders, trying to get us into WWIII with Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, arresting American citizens for speaking up at school board meetings. And I can go on and on.
    These Evil Demonic anti American filth need to be stopped!

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    @Caleb not only control the food supply but completely dictate what and how much we can have. They want to implement a social score just like a credit score. The higher your social score number, the more perks and access to life you get. The lower the score the more restrictions.
    Say you have 600. That means no gas for you, limited electricity, no internet or cell service, you can only eat bugs etc. They have this in China already. And citizens are Highly Encouraged to spy on and report offenders of society.
    This is coming from the Davos meetings and the World Economic Forum. The elites want total world domination.

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    @Joshua I wish we could eliminate Shitcago here in Illinois. The most corrupt city in the nation from the getgo. We are so heavily influenced by everything there.

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    @Gerald it's too late for me to sign as the deadline was last night and I'm just seeing it now. ☹️

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    @David yes sir but there’s way more of us than them. If they want to fight we’ll fight brother

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    @Wade yes we will!

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    Do not comply.

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    Signed! Definitely sad to see this. Wish life was much simpler than this politics shit brainwashing people. Hopefully we can overturn this and still have our wildlife and be able to hunt.

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    I hate it. I voted against the wolf initiative

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