Protect Your Hearing While Houndsman Packing: Why Earplugs Are a Must-Have

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    I have bad hearing too. Mostly from work. Loud diesel engines and radios (communication kind not music) turned up loud so we could hear it over the engine then dispatch tones going off. It’s funny you bring this up because I usually carry some in my pocket everywhere I go, because it’s a habit I have at work too. Just like a pocket knife, you never know when you’ll need it.

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    @Rowdy I’ve grown to have the same habit.

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    I don’t know if this is fortunate or bad, but my hounds will stop barking when I get to the tree. They stop and just watch the tree while I search. Not always what I like, but sure is easier on the ears

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    @Jamey I like it and wish mine would do more the same. They are not hard treeing dogs so it’s not terribly loud. They will be silent for a little while then bark a little and and so on. When the cat or lion moves they all really fire up hard for a while. My biggest issue is that I often have to wait for several hours under the tree while my biologist comes in to immobilize the animal. Even my dogs will wear on a guys ears after that long.

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    @Shorty it might help I run at night, and they can’t see a coon all the way up a tree in the dark moving around.

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    Good tip I have them hanging on my review mirror and never take them along.

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