Pronghorn Hunting in Wyoming

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Antelope (Pronghorn)

  • 0
  • 136 lbs
  • 9
    horn base circumference (in)
  • 80
    body length (in)
  • 14
    horn length (in)
  • 12
    horn spread (in)
  • 2
    average prong length (in)
  • 0
    land type
  • 36
    distance (yards)
  • Adam D's avatar

    What temps you looking at?

  • Shane's avatar

    It’s been low 80’s here on and off thunderstorms ⛈ and hitting low 50’s at night great weather for but I prefer high 90’s

  • Cody's avatar

    I miss chasing speed goats in my home state!

  • Brad's avatar

    Nice work dude. Gotta Tap the reply button so @Adam can see your reply

  • Justin's avatar

    Can’t wait to do it!

  • Shane's avatar

    @Adam I replied in the comment below

  • Dwayne's avatar

    Awe man niceeee

  • Brian's avatar

    Always fun to take out some tree rats

  • Shane's avatar

    @Brian tree rats?

  • Brian's avatar

    For some reason that went to the wrong person sorry but nice antelope anyway

  • Shane's avatar

    @Brian lol I figured

  • Adam D's avatar

    @Shane OMG, that would be delightful!

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Shane M


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