Preserving the Harvest: How We Canned 250 Quarts of Homegrown Produce

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    Your wife is awesome! Wish I could cook like her! Nice work! Looks good! Yummy too!

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    @Casi thank you! She had no concept of canning when we got married, but over time she has learned how. She is constantly looking for new things to try to can so we can increase our food storage. Currently we get about 80% of our food annually from our farm.

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    @Travis that's awesome 80%!!!! I also just started learning how to do canning however my time is limited. I look forward to winter though to do more of canning.

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    Looks like my kitchen. My wife does exactly the same thing. If you don’t mind me asking…what part of TN do you live in…East, Middle, or West? We live in East TN. About half way in between Chattanooga and Knoxville.

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YouTube - TN Outdoors Fanatic Chemical Engineer by day... father, husband, farmer, outdoorsman, and conservationist always. Desire is to educate others about hunting, fishing, conservation, and pass along this lifestyle I enjoy to the next generation. Fourth Arrow Camera Arms Field Staff Instagram @TNfishingfanatic

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