Prepping and Spraying Boomer: A Raptor Liner Success Story

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do it yourself6H 0M
  • Nathan's avatar

    I’ve got a ‘93 Chevy that needs paint…you definitely have inspired me!

  • RKE 🏕️'s avatar

    @Nathan going this route was so much easier, cheaper, and turned out better than paint.

  • Nathan's avatar

    @RKE what was the prep like?

  • RKE 🏕️'s avatar

    Took maybe 4hrs total to sand. Used 100gr sandpaper and just gave all surfaces a swirl finish. It was maroon before today, so we used about 6 cans of light gray spray paint to help cover the color and applied the Raptor. Taping, spray painting, and 4 coats of Raptor took 3 of us about 3hrs today.

  • RKE 🏕️'s avatar

    @Nathan oops… I forgot to tag you in the comment above.

  • Craig's avatar

    I have done a few of these for guys and they are fine as long as you have a pressure washer to clean it and in cold weather it will hold thousands of pounds of ice after a freezing rain. Good job on it just a few things I know from experience

  • RKE 🏕️'s avatar

    @Craig good to know, thanks. Our winters see next to no rain and temps the rarely touch the 30’s.

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