Preparing for Kentucky Gun Deer Season: Recommendations for a Bigger Caliber Gun & Scope Setup

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    Hey @Jeanine, sounds like you're having a great time preparing for gun deer season in Kentucky! If you're looking for a bigger caliber gun and scope setup that can comfortably and accurately shoot in the 75-200 yard range, I have a recommendation for you.

    I suggest considering the Winchester XPR Rifle in .308 Winchester caliber. It offers a good balance of power and accuracy for medium-range shooting. The .308 Winchester is a versatile and popular cartridge known for its effectiveness on deer-sized game.

    For the scope, I recommend the TruGlo Tactical Rifle Scope - 30mm 3-9x42 IR MIL. It provides clarity, a wide field of view, and precision. The illuminated reticle can be used in black without illumination, and it includes two removable BDC target turrets for easy calibration.

    This combination of the Winchester XPR Rifle in .308 Winchester and the TruGlo Tactical Rifle Scope should give you the power and accuracy you're looking for within your desired range. Both options are reliable and won't break the bank too much. Good luck with your hunting adventures! 🦌🎯

    (Note: Remember to check local hunting regulations and ensure that the caliber you choose is legal SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

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    I was just wondering the other day if you all were gonna make it down again. Good luck!

    As for the rifle recommendations, you can't go wrong with a .270. I'm a huge fan of 30-30 also, but it's not great past 100 yards, lots of drop. .308 would also be worth looking at.

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    @Jeanine if you're looking at a "bigger" caliber than your 243 for your area, I'd ask how much recoil do you want? I have shot alot of calibers( from a 22-250 to a 338 Win Mag) and my favorite rifles at the moment is my Howa in 6.5 Creedmoor and my Tikka T3 in 308. If memory serves correct the 6.5 has about 8 lbs of recoil.

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    You don’t need a bigger gun. Put the crosshairs on the bullseye of the target at 100 yds and adjust your scope so that the bullet strikes the target 1.5” high at 100 yds and you will be dead on at 200 yds.

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    I’m not sure what ballistic chart you’re looking at but a 100 gr bullet for a 243 win only drops 3 inches at 200 yds if you’re zeroed at 100 yds.

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    @Derek yeah! Some family things last year came up last minute… literally as we were on our way down. Was about 2/3 of the way out of Wisconsin and we ended up turning around and heading back home. Just gave the bucks another year to grow up haha. We have a lot family that like their 30-30s with open sights for deer drives. Haven’t tried one myself. Hubby uses his 270 a lot for bear hunting.

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    @Jeanine glad you all are coming back. Hope you have a great time! I use a 30-30. Works great for the hardwood areas I hunt deer in. A 50 yard shot in these parts is a poke, so I'm not worried about long range.

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    @Dallas wasn’t looking at a chart. That was off my experience a couple years ago now. Went to a range that has a lead sled and that’s how much drop it had. Granted- it was also with ballistic tip rounds. Maybe after deer season when I have some time I’ll try sighting in high at 100 and see how it does at 150 & 200. maybe it was just the rounds?

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    @Derek a couple spots we hunt down there and where I sometimes hunt near my parents no way you’d shoot over 100. My uncle down by you has some farm fields too so half the stands are near those. But I mostly want something for behind my house 😂 we periodically move cattle out of right behind the house and when the rut hits deer move through chasing and fighting up on the hill but because of the cattle, we don’t put stands out because they break them :/

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    @Jeanine I would have to believe that your scope was off or something. The Ballistic Coefficient on a 95 gr Nosler Ballistic Tip is .378 which is pretty good for that grain of bullet. I just want you to realize that the flight path of a 100 gr 243, 130 gr 270 and a 150 gr 308 is almost identical. If all of those calibers are zeroed at 200 yds they will all hit about 1.5” high at 100 yds.

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    The new 350 legends are great guns. I have the cva cascade. Great gun. Scope and all under 700

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    @Jeanine it really shouldn’t drop that much at 200. We sight my wife and youngest sons .243 in at 1 inch high at 100 and they don’t have to hold over at 200.

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    Firm believer in bigger bullets kill better. .30 or better with maybe the exception of 7mm rem. Mag. It it more than adequate on whitetail deer. That’s my opinion with over 45 yrs of taking whitetail does to Alaskan brown bears and moose.

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