Praying for Strength and Healing for Jenni and Lyndell After Devastating Accident

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    Add these lovely couple to our family prayers.

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    Adding this lovely couple to our family prayers. Stay strong.

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    @Corey thanks much appreciated!

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    Prayers up!🙏🙏

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    @Tom thanks Tom!

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    Praying for unexplainable amount of encouragement to make the enduring being able to see the finish line. To see hope. Praying God lavishes His love on them that they are overcome with the power of the Lord and take up like wings on eagles. Praying for the glorious day he not only walks but runs and runs the course. 🙏🏻❤️✝️

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    @Spikes thanks Spikes, it means a lot to Jenni!🙏

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    So sorry to hear this, my friend! I pray the Lord meet them right where they are and encourage and strengthen Jenni, as she works to support and encourage Lyndell. The Father sees them and knows there is another side to this struggle! You have a beautiful heart, Zach! Prayers will continue to go up.
    I have a little story that I hope helps encourage them or you. I had a friend that was in a terrible car accident. Someone wanting to commit suicide went head long into him in his truck. He had to relearn to walk and talk. It was a long road for him but he is able to drive now, walk AND talk. Sometimes he stutters, but it isn't a big deal to anyone but him. It took him roughly a year. I pray she gathers her strength and is able to make it thru this....and I am trusting Lyndell's memory is in tact? How is he handing these new life changes he has to face?

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    @Lisa thanks, Lisa, that is encouraging! Because of how little Lyndell talks they don't really know what his memory is like. It's really a miracle he's alive it just so happened a doctor was with the EMT's and that's probably why Lyndell is still with us. It's been amazing seeing God work with how far he's come, but it can still be hard with how slow a healing like this progresses. Once again, thanks for your prayers, they are much appreciated!

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    And I don't know if I made it clear or not but he was not driving but was getting the mail and the pickup hit him and carried him about 90 feet. The man ran off immediately. Once again, just praise God he's alive!

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    Wow!!! A hit and run!!! That is mind blowing! Yes, God clearly needed him to stay with us all for a reason.

    I'll be honest, the man I was talking about told me had holes in his memory like Swiss cheese....and in fact, because he couldn't remember real well, causing it to frustrate him.....he ended our friendship. He was embarrassed over how he spoke, over how he had to keep asking about things. It was heartbreaking that it bothered him so much. It was fine, with me. I can repeat things if I need to, no big deal, right?! Plus I had practice. My brother was assaulted and had 3 brain surgeons working on him. He died on the operating table for a brief time and he experienced heaven. He came back to us though and he struggled with his memory. Patience, love, kindness, and no expectations blessed him when family offered it to him. He would also get frustrated, like my friend....speak in very self depreciating ways. When you love someone though, you just hang tough thru it. Your family are surely worn out and feel a lot of heaviness. We have such a great body of Christians here on GoWild and I know the Lord will hear everyone's prayers.
    Sorry this is so long winded, but everyone by now has gotten accustomed to it and either roll their eyes or quickly scroll past it. Lol.
    Prayers going up!

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    @Dave Henson thanks Dave!

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    @Wes thanks Wes

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