Possible Bear Paw Prints Found Outside Bedroom Window - Need Expert Opinion!

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    It would seem so yes. Black bears stand between 5-7 feet when on their hind legs. Where I live it’s not that uncommon for people to catch bears looking into the window, especially if your buddy was cooking food. My wife’s mom was cooking in the kitchen, looked up, and saw a bear staring at her straight in the eyes threw the kitchen window. We also had a bear push out a window screen of another person in my town, and climb into the cabin while her kids were in the room. Lucky the families German shepherd was there, and chased the bear back out the window.

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    @Wild thanks man, its just so strange to me I mean I know its not uncommon. Its still under investigation 🤣

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    Your welcome. It’s always unnerving finding signs of bears around your window. The idea of a predator in the dark watching my family creeps me out.

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    @Wild oh yea it would me too

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    👍🏼they have a smell you won't miss if they're close.

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    Nah man, thats the neighbor

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    @PinBall it could be 🤣

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    Yes it very well could have been

  • John's avatar

    Looks a little sus bro….

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    @John when he sent me that I laughed. I honestly have no idea what it could be. I told him thats how “jody” ran out when he pulled in the driveway coming home from work

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    Prolly her secret admirer lol

  • Brandon's avatar

    @John it could be 🤣

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    So why would the claws make a print and not the paw?

  • Brandon's avatar

    @Chuck I have no idea. Im not even sold that it was a bear or even an animal.

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Brandon R

South Carolina

Been in the Outdoors my entire life. I have been a Firefighter/EMT for 15 years now. I do a little fishing but my passion is Whitetail and Turkey hunting.

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