Phenomenal Turkey Calls by Ben: Ready for the TN Youth Hunt

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    I'll be taking my little brother out! Good luck to you!

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    @Paul how did you do? It was a sloppy morning here, and we got soaked! Never heard a gobble or laid eyes on a longbeard. Jumped two hens off their nest and saw a coyote, but that was all.

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    @Travis weather was not bad here, a little drizzly. Had a couple Toms on the roast, flew into the neighbor's field and we watched em strut and could hear some fighting purrs later on!
    Long story but after a full out charge at some other gobblers, we called 2 in to 20yds and Lucas (my brother) got one!!

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    @Travis any shots taken at the coyote? 😃

  • Travis's avatar

    Nope. It was about 100 yards out.

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