Persevering Through Setbacks: Hunting Adventure in North Dakota

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  • Wade's avatar

    Man I’m glad you were ok bud

  • Brad's avatar

    @Wade thanks. Good luck this fall!

  • Mike's avatar

    Ugh….glad you were able to get out unscathed man. What a bummer, but great attitude and good luck on that hunt!!

  • Brad's avatar

    @Mike thanks. It’s funny thou because 10, 5 yrs ago I’d of let that ruin the rest of my year!!😂

  • Mike's avatar

    @Brad yessir, I’m with ya there. Age has brought a lot more appreciation for the things that go well and perseverance for the tougher times. I’ve got a buddy that says the worse a hunting trip starts, the more success you’re gonna have. You’ve earned a booner!

  • Wade's avatar

    @Brad thanks bud you too

  • Mason's avatar

    @Brad That sucks but I’m glad you’re safe! Good luck 👍

  • Brandon's avatar

    @Brad glad you are fine, at least you didn’t have any hounds in bed ! Good luck on the hunt

  • Brad's avatar

    @Brandon oh man! For sure, that would of had a WHOLE new meaning to DUMPING THE BOX!!!😂

  • Brandon's avatar

    @Brad ha for sure !!

  • Tom's avatar

    Important thing is you are safe.

  • Joshua's avatar

    Great way at looking at the situation, good luck on your hunt

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Brad G


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