Perfecting Your Shot: Tips for Taking Aim at 30 Yards in Southeastern Hunting

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  • Sutton's avatar

    I would take the shot

  • Cowboy's avatar

    Take it. Though I might aim just a tad bit higher and tothe right.

  • Chase's avatar

    Aim lower . 30 yards he’s alert and will most likely jump the string

  • Brian's avatar

    Would aim just a tad lower

  • Southeastern's avatar

    @Chase Good thought

  • Cowboy's avatar

    @Chase true, but if you have my mad stalking skills, he’ll never know what hit him! 😂

  • Southeastern's avatar

    @Cowboy Haha well if you have my stalking skills, he’ll be gone before you close the door to your truck.

  • Cowboy's avatar

    Lol, I feel ya right there man!

  • Wayne's avatar

    Yea never getting within 30 yards of that deer. Lol but if I did lower and a little to the left.

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South Carolina

I’m a dedicated family man. After that, I’m a diehard bowhunter, owner and content creator for Southeastern Bowhunting, and lover of the great outdoors. Tactacam/Reveal Giveaway

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