Perfecting Your Archery Stance: Tips for Improving Your Anchor Point Is Your Bow String Picking Up Plastic? Here's What You Need to Know

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    Do you wax both the string and cable? That is not normal.

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    Your anchor point is too high, the string should be at the corner of your mouth not the arrow. You will have to raise your peep to accommodate lowering your anchor as well. Since your anchor is high it also makes your elbow high as well, once you drop your anchor the elbow well come down as well and make holding at full draw more comfortable. I would increase your draw length, lower your anchor, string touching the corner of your mouth and tip of the nose and then once that is all adjusted then move your peep. 👍🏻

  • Nathan's avatar

    @Kyle awesome! Any ideas on the string?

  • Kyle's avatar

    @Nathan not sure on that one just from the picture, maybe check to see how well the slide is moving when drawing. It might not be moving and the cables are digging into the plastic slide. On your anchor I would shorten up your release, looks like finger has to reach for the trigger.

  • Mike's avatar

    100% agree with @Kyle on the form. As far as the cable guide, I’d replace it with a roller and get it tuned. Something is out of adjustment so it needs to be tuned anyway. But, rollers eliminate chatter and wear less in the cables if tuned correctly.

  • Shawn's avatar

    @Kyle couldn't have said it better☝️☝️☝️

  • Ryan's avatar

    I agree with @Kyle on the form as well. As far as the cable, maybe the cam is out of alignment and is pulling that cable one way or the other. Whatever it is, something is out of whack. Definitely get it tuned up at the bow shop. You will be shooting 10’s after that!

  • Nathan's avatar

    @Ryan @Kyle @Shawn @Mike thanks! Bow shop is closed till Tuesday, but I’ll get in there ASAP.

  • Todd's avatar

    Great job with the comments, I just don’t have a good eye for checking form.

  • Brian's avatar

    Form looks great. Most important part is right arm is parallel with the arrow. Arrow/ string location is a product of draw length and not form. Very important your anchor point is consistent. Wear on the cable guide could be simple break in but something to watch.

  • Nathan's avatar

    @Brian right forearm parallel, or bicep?

  • Nathan's avatar

    @Brian also, should I have draw length adjusted, or release shortened?

  • Brian's avatar

    @Nathan Forearm should be parallel with arrow. When it comes to your draw lenght/release length, I would shorten the draw length a touch. This should help bring your forearm back even closer to parallel. Most important thing is you are at bottom of the draw with a rock solid anchor point that is comfortable for you and this is repeatable.

  • Nathan's avatar

    @Brian thanks!!

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