Perfecting Venison Italian Pasta with Balsamic Vinegar and Goat Cheese Recipe

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cooking & smoking BBQ0H 45M
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    Looks like you’re working on making a @Ted turkey call too. That’s a fine way to multitask!

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    @Eric been making them since 2011! Haha.

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    @Derek Have you ever tried Cavenders seasoning? its awesome in most Italian dishes

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    @Appalachian I haven't, but it sounds like I need to!

  • Appalachian's avatar

    @Derek yeah buddy, I put it on lots of stuff, it's truly a Greek seasoning but I'll put it in breading for cubed steak, fish. made a few batches of gyros out of turkey and loins. grilled veggies 😋

  • Derek's avatar

    @Appalachian I do love a good gyro....

  • Appalachian's avatar

    @Derek so easy and so good, especially with some turkey breast that's been soaked in Italian dressing

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