Perfecting My EDC: Seeking Recommendations for a Comfortable and Practical IWB Holster

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  • Daniel's avatar

    I would get a Glock 19 in 9mm

  • Ferg's avatar

    @Mike done a good podcast with Brad on this

  • Mason's avatar

    Stealth gear is a good option as well 👍

  • Gary's avatar

    The Mini-wing by BlackPoint would be a great option! Also you could look into Galco or Crossbreed holsters as well. But overall I think the mini wing is the perfect iwb for the p365.

  • Mike's avatar

    So many options, but here’s the one I “stick” with. Pun intended, haha

  • PinBall's avatar

    You could try Tier 1 Tactical holsters

  • Gabriel's avatar

    I was just gonna post this Q as well, I’ll look up these holsters companies… good luck!

  • John's avatar

    I carry my p365 sas edc in an alien gear shapeshift 4.0 and love it, very comfy

  • Danny's avatar

    Muddy River

  • Ted's avatar

    Cya holsters veteran owned

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29 YOA, Northern Illinoisan, and an owner of a Belgian Tervuren. Go follow him @onyxtheterv. Exploring the concepts of Minimalism and The Grey Man. Shooting, Camping, Hiking, EDC, Gear & Tactics, and Bushcraft & Survival are some of my interests.

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