Perfecting My Archery Skills with G5 125 gr Broadheads: Lunchtime Reps and Elevated 3D Range Shots

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    👍🏼That is an awesome range! ...I'm running 125gr this year but will probably get another 25gr screw on weight to add to my insert and try that next season...currently 419gr total arrow weight but I would like to play with the weight to see how it shoots and sounds.

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    @Casey the FMJ 4mm (11.7 gr per inch) that I’m currently running are at 539 gr. 125 gr Montec G5, 50 gr inserts. However just bought a test kit of the Valkyrie’s which will be Victory carbons and have more like 20% FOC up front. So not sure what I’ll be chasing Moose with just yet.

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    @John nice. I'm slinging the Easton 6.5's with crimson talon cleavers & am happy with that arrow & spine for my DXT @ apx #63.5 .....🤷🏼‍♂️..I wouldn't mind trying a couple more different setups but first I'll probably switch off the match grade to a more affordable version...the hunters I saw are only. 002 difference I think...TBD

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Avid Deer, Turkey, Elk, Mule Deer, Moose and all Big Game animals. Outdoor enthusiast, hiking, biking, camping, scouting and shed hunting alike. Fishing both deep-sea and fresh water alike. Member of multiple local Sportsman's clubs and associations. Good luck and be safe out there!

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