Perfecting 10mm Loads for Deer Season: My Journey to Bagging a Deer with a Handgun

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    Bad ass! What was your choice in powder? And what grain is the projectiles?

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    These are 150 grain. I had been using the hornady 200 grain xtp with accurate no. 9 trying to get good groups out of my 6” 1911, but didn’t have much luck. I started using some of the surplus powders I had on the shelf and wsf gave me good groups with those xtps, but autocomp gave me the best groups with these Lehigh bullets. Looking to get into some other recommended shotgun powders and maybe no. 7 next. Also might look to go down to the 180 grain bullets if I can get decent penetration on game.

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    When I had a 10 I got pretty good groups from Longshot behind a Hornady 155XTP. Didn't do as good with the 180s

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    I’ve heard that from several people. I’ve picked up some 180 and 165 sierras just to see if my gun doesn’t like those big 200 grainers. Going to have to look for some longshot though for sure.

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