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Whitetail Buck

  • rifle
  • 150 lbs
  • 7
    antler tines
  • public
    land type
  • 75
    distance (yards)
  • Brad's avatar

    Congrats brother!

  • Parker's avatar

    @Brad thanks man!

  • Willy's avatar


  • John's avatar

    Congrats on the kill

  • Jared's avatar

    Cant eat the antlers brother. Good looking pics and congrats on a public land buck.

  • Joshua's avatar

    That’s a way to hunt I would love to experience a boat ride to hunt

  • Eddie's avatar

    Considering the conditions you were in you did good so get home get him skinned and get some dry socks on , Congratulations on your harvest

  • Josh's avatar

    Kentucky life it goes from one extremity to the other

  • Liam's avatar

    Great pics

  • Adam D's avatar

    did you graduate from a kayak?

  • Parker's avatar

    @Adam I still have one I’ll use in smaller water. But the boat is incredible for longer trips on big water.

  • Kurt's avatar

    Awesome Buck

  • Billy's avatar


  • Adam D's avatar

    @Parker I've got an old StarCraft semi v I've been restoring for a fishing/hunting boat

  • Adam D's avatar

    congratulations BTW!

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Parker M

Cullman, Alabama

Public Land Kayak Hunter 🚣🏻‍♀️🦌 Southern Ground Hunting 🎤🎙 https://sportsmensnation.com/podcasters/southern-ground💻 https://youtube.com/c/SouthernGroundHunting

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