Turkey Hunting: Year 3 Begins

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    Hope you get it done!

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    Good luck 🍀

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    I happened to kill a gobbler the first time I ever went turkey hunting. A family friend took me to a property that was flat loaded with birds. I was absolutely ruined. He did not ever take me back there and no one else I knew turkey hunted. So I was on my own. I blundered around chasing them for 3 years after that first bird. The 3rd year happened to be my freshman year of college. I chased them on public around the school with no luck. I came home from school with one week of season left and killed 3 gobblers on 3 consecutive hunts with one flying across a 1/4mile gorge to get to me. I also killed my biggest bird ever on some public the following opening day of the next season. And close to 30 birds since then. It'll happen for you guys. The only secret is to keep going, be a statue, when you wanna get up and move, make yourself stay a while longer and givem a wide berth if you are trying to move on them for a set up. Best of luck this season!

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    @Appalachian thanks for the advice.

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    Good luck!!!

  • Mike's avatar

    Good luck men, I smell 🦃 🦃 in your future!

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    @Mike I sure hope so!!

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