Opposing the Wolf Management Plan

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    Zone Changes:
    22. The plan includes the creation of buffer zones surrounding reservations, effectively giving the management of the wolf population on both public and private lands to the tribes. We oppose the creation of buffer zones surrounding reservations that would take away the rights of private landowners and public land stakeholders. We also oppose giving away wildlife management authority.
    23. The agricultural areas in these newly created buffer zones in the draft plan will go largely unprotected and have inadequate protections for pets and livestock. Private landowners will have unequal treatment under the law for which they are protected under the Constitution.
    24. The zone restructure is now based on wolf occupancy and not based on suitable habitat. The unmanaged wolf population has forced wolves out of prime suitable habitat into inappropriate areas, creating conflicts. Not all areas are appropriate to have wolves. We request the zone structure return to the original science-based, habitat-based zones.

    Goal Statement/Objectives:
    25. The Goal Statement in the draft plan does not address where wolves are appropriate. The draft plan needs to take a hard look into what is good for wolves and what is good for humans. Low interactions between the two are best. Wolves should only reside in high-quality wolf habitat and not be managed to the maximum biological carrying capacity. No other species in Wisconsin is managed to its maximum biological carrying capacity.
    26. The draft plan implies the elimination of hunting with dogs which is Constitutionally protected. It also implies wolves have more rights to the land than hunters. This narrative is not science-based and all such implications should be removed.
    27. Objective B is missing long-term controls for agricultural conflicts. Wolves are known to move down the road and create conflicts with just short-term controls.
    28. The goal statement or objectives do not address any form of pop control

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