Old Volvo: Keep or Scrap?

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    Looks like it worth a little money a simple google search if completely restored 12k

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    I would look into selling it as a restoration project car.

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    Classic Volvo would be a pretty niche market, certainly worth putting it out there and see if someone is interested in saving it.

  • Christian's avatar

    @Jeff that’s what I’d love to do just didn’t know the market for them

  • Christian's avatar

    @Jason that’s what I’d like to do

  • Gordon's avatar

    The Swed! There will be someone that wants it. The metal looks good.

  • Kyle's avatar

    Id love to have that thing! Perfect candidate for an ls swap!

  • Christian's avatar

    @Kyle an ls swap on this would be cool

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Christian C

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Avid hunter and fisher. Love tying fly’s shooting a bow and being in the woods. God first. Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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