Niobrara River Campground: Your Ideal Stay for Camping, Canoeing, and Horse Riding

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  • Bryan's avatar

    I'm sorry I can't be any help priceswise, but you would be selling the experience. People who RV camp just want a change of scenery and to build a fire. (Nothing wrong with that) but you would be selling the experience and natural aspect. Being from Michigan there are still a few rustic campgrounds around but the scenery you described would be awesome! I'd totally pay to camp in an outfitter tend with a woodstove over an RV any day. Even more so if i got tags burning a hole in my pocket or I was itching for some fresh fish. Like I said sorry im not much help, but its a great concept. I hope it takes off for you!

  • Nate's avatar

    @Bryan Let me ask you this - what would YOU personally be willing to spend? I won’t be offended, I want honest opinions. If you were coming here to hunt mule deer on public land and thought this would be a cool setup, is it worth $15 a night? $50? More, less? I won’t call you crazy for your answer! I promise! Also, my in-laws live in the UP, beautiful country!

  • Bryan's avatar

    @Nate Well then, with no offense intended id say if the tent was already up, had a cot available, some dry wood to split up or use for the probably pay 50-75 a night. Or a bundle price for x-amount of days/nights. Most folks going on a hunting trip have a set number of days planned out. So if you market hunting trip specials and give a discount for a set number of days if someone shows you a valid tag for the season then you could be in the chips. Highlight it as a true deer camp experience. The one-with-nature package if you will lol! The UP is beautiful. Straight up God's country up there. Id also say check on any local grounds in the area, see what they offer and charge and reflect accordingly. Even more so if you are supplying the accommodations. Its a good vision for sure when im looking for a Mule Deer Hunt ill hit you up for the lodging haha! :)

  • Bryan's avatar

    @Nate funny enough I've considered buying a smaller outfitter tent with a woodstove to rustic camp near some state land because to me that's just a genuine good time haha.

  • Nate's avatar

    @Bryan I appreciate the input! Like I said, really just trying to get a pulse on what people value and how much they’d be willing to pay for the experience, because you’re exactly right, that’s what you’re paying for - an experience. If all you’re looking for is a bed, there’s a Super 8 in town 😆 And that has a value too I suppose.

  • Bryan's avatar

    @Nate and maybe some bed bugs lol! But seriously I hope the venture takes off for you. People need to step away from the luxury sometimes and get in tuned with their natural spirit!

  • Luke's avatar

    Man that sounds like the perfect adventure, whether it be for hunting or just amazing, rustic camping vacation. I’d easily pay 75-100 a night with everything you mentioned, that’d be awesome!! Hope it all works out for you

  • Nate's avatar

    @Luke really appreciate the feedback!

  • John's avatar

    Sounds like fun. I was thinking of building a bushcraft camp/fort on my land. Hunting fishing bushcrafting weekends with workshops and what not. Maybe even a 25-50 yard pistol range. I think if there is a lot to offer, its worth spending the money for the experience.

  • Logan's avatar

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  • Garrett's avatar

    As a camper I'd be willing to spend around $20/night for the site, and $30-50/night for the tent rental. What would sweeten the deal would be the ability to obtain firewood on site without having to forage for it on your own. The problem campsites in AL have is if they don't offer firewood the areas around the campsites are pretty baren

  • Nelson's avatar

    $25-45 per night sounds like a good rate to me. I agree with an earlier comment of offering package deals of maybe $200-$250 per week if someone is coming to hunt.

  • Nate's avatar

    @Garrett I’ve made note of some of our local campsites and parks. They range from $10-$15 for a “basic” campsite - fire pit, table. Got a couple questions for you 1) have you ever been to a place that offered cut firewood as apart of the campsite fee and not an extra charge? 2) If a campsite offered unlimited cut firewood as apart of your site fee, would that get abused?

  • Lisa's avatar

    If I would be in the outfitter tent (I dont have horses so I dont know if that would cost more for that) 50-100. If I were bringing my own tent I would do 30 - 50 a night

  • Gerry's avatar

    Sounds like a great idea for people to experience peaceful time away from the concrete jungle. I would pay $75-$100

  • Roy's avatar

    I have a travel trailer, and the campground for hunters with water and electric is $35 a night. I don't have any idea what places charge for rent sites, but maybe with others input the rate I gave you might help get you in the ballpark range. Good luck with your vision, it sounds like a wonderful idea.

  • Marty's avatar

    $50 at the top end

  • 125 a night all day. Every day. The opportunities/views/experience is something you don’t get at a Hampton inn. Also a great incentive would be a fire cooked breakfast/coffee old chill percolated, provided by the camp ground would catch a few more eyes.

  • Jacob's avatar

    @Nate if that service was available where I’m at I would definitely pay for it assuming I dont have to set up or bring a cot, cook stove, wood, ect I don’t think I would pay hotel price being you are that close to town but would definitely pay sounds like a great idea!

  • Rail's avatar

    With that type of experience, and the tent set up, I think you would pack that place at $100 a night. As other comments have said, you're not just offering a site, but an entire experience. I am from California though. Everything cost an arm and a leg (and your soul) out here.

  • Was meant to say old school

  • Garrett's avatar

    @Nate $10-15 would be a steal in AL! Of course there's a lot of private land and little public camping land. I wouldn't suggest unlimited as part of the site fee, just a fair price for cut firewood you've already harvested was my thoughts. Unlimited firewood would DEFINITELY get abused, especially by teenagers just looking to camp away from the house for a weekend lol

  • Nate's avatar

    @Garrett noted. How many bundles of firewood do you use in a day on your typical camping trip? I just don’t do much camping... I’ve been making note of what a bundle cost here in town. $5.49-6.99 has been the range per bundle.

  • Michael's avatar

    Been to Valintine many times! Some beautiful country along that river!

  • Garrett's avatar

    @Nate sorry for the late reply. I use between 2-4 bundles per trip, but I also have kids and have the fire going from mid afternoon till late at night. When it's just me hunting I only use 2 per night

  • Gerald's avatar

    I think it's a great concept.. maybe the price would go up in hunting season when a lot of hunters are out there at once and competing for a good campsite and to book motel rooms in a small town when they're usually full and booked in hunting season.. I like the idea of firewood provided at campsites and the price will feel like a value to campers who know how much work it is to get good firewood for camp.. maybe a 1/4 cord of wood per campsite a night would be an excellent value and make it worth the price to stay at one of your campsites. 50 a night seems like a good price point for me

  • Joshua's avatar

    I’d sure use it

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