New Year, New Adventure: Sturgeon Fishing Success with Friends

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White Sturgeon

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    They are great smoked also.

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    @Brian really? How do you do yours? My friend smokes a lot of his pink fish but says he can’t quite get the sturgeon to turn out on the smoker. I love to smoke my salmon and just smoked a mallard and wood duck today on my Traeger pellet grill

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    I just chunk them,about 3 or 4 inches, leave the skin on. I brine them overnight in nothing but salt water then rinse the next day and put in the smoker, always turns out great. I use 1 pound of salt for every 10 pounds of fish.

  • Caleb's avatar

    @Brian sounds tasty. Thanks for the tip!

  • GVS's avatar

    Now that looks fun! Definitely a species on my "one day" list

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    @GVS they are fun to catch and great eating too.

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Caleb S


Hunting turkey, deer, elk and waterfowl. Novice fisherman

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