New Camping Gear Haul: Must-Have Equipment You Might Be Forgetting

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    @Chris Gleim: That's great to hear! One piece of camping equipment that some people might not think of bringing with them is a portable camping stove. It's a great way to cook food and boil water while camping, and it's much more efficient than building a fire. Another useful item is a portable water filter, which allows you to drink water from natural sources without having to worry about purification. SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

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    LuminAID makes waterproof, solar powered lighting that I find very useful at camp. You can charge them with a cord as well, but when you’re out in the middle of nowhere, it’s nice to be able to set them out and let them charge. They inflate and are more of a lantern style light. They make models that you can use a usb charger to charge from the lamp if need be also, acting as a sort of power bank.

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    I always take a Coleman two burner cook stove and a coffee pot, also a later. Also a tarp that you can make a canopy out of if it happens to rain so you can stay dry and still cook outside.

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    @Eric that’s awesome! I actually just bought a little collapsible solar / USB charged lantern. Good call out!

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    @Brian YES I need my coffee.

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    First aid kit, head lamps, and inflatable pillows. Also, a rip repair kit and a tube of sealant.

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    New tent

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    First aid kit & wasp spray! We’ve had several hornets/bee encounters during our camping trips.

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    Well now I just feel old. I was thinking Spam & red beer… On a more serious note, baby wipes sure come in handy.

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    Things people don’t think of: a bike rack that attaches to your hitch. We love to take bikes camping with us. Also lifeStraw makes a pitcher/water dispenser that you can fill up and use instead of using tons of plastic water bottles. Just keep refilling your bottles. Dutch ovens are amazing - get a little tripod to hang it over the fire for chili or soup. And lastly, I always get packs of glow sticks. When it starts to get dark I hand them out to all the kids and I can easily see them playing plus the kids love them.

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    Couple more things: a string to hang wet towels, bathing suits, dish clothes. And a small plastic tub that you can warm up some water and do dishes in.

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    Can opener, tongs/spatula for grilling, bug spray, batteries/chargers for flashlights and lanterns, charcoal/propane for grilling, towels for kids/dogs/camp cleanup. Looks like a great tent! Hope you have fun camping!

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    I cant any believe no one said TP!

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    DUDE Wipes!

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