Neighbor's Cat Explores the Woods: An Unexpected Sight in Our Backyard

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    Hunting is it's fun

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    @Robert haha, for sure. One morning I watched this one do an amazing bit of acrobatics to snatch a chipmunk that was running along one of our paddock fences.

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    Wow I have to go out and use a broom to knock Chipmunks off the house for the cat when she runs them up the brick.

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    Man, I don’t know if I could even adequately describe what I saw. It was like something out of a movie 😂 The best I can do is say that it did a “double jump” from the ground to the side of a tree trunk and up to the fence board. It didn’t actually get onto the fence board though. It bit onto the chipmunk, while springing itself backward into the paddock so it could carry its catch back home. One of those things that made me wonder if I saw it correctly.

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Eric B

New York

Proud father, OIF Veteran, Jack of just about no trades and definitely master of none…I like to camp, hike, fish, hunt, trap, garden and forage. I’ve done the first three for a while and am pretty new to the others. Always learning!

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