Navigating the Six-Month Training Wall: Embracing the Joy and Challenges of a Energetic Pup

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    I also have more wiggles than brainpower. Can’t win ‘em all…😂 beautiful dog!

  • Dustin's avatar

    My lab is exactly the same 8 months old and wide open

  • E's avatar

    It is fun training dogs and horses. Each one is an individual. Some just kept me laughing.

  • Frank's avatar

    I'm in the same spot with my two squirrel dog pups. I've had to slow down an not worry about wether I get them to the woods every week. Honestly been a joy to mess around with them in the yard

  • Darren's avatar

    I'm just now enjoying my pup at 1 year old. I didn't touch him for the first 4 months while I was deer and elk hunting hard then strapped a collar on him and expected him to be a finished hound dog chasing lions and bears. Seasons are over now and he is thriving just getting to be a pup albeit an older one now. Good luck with your pup and adventures together

  • Craig's avatar

    I have a six month old English Cocker, I walk most mornings and I allow him to run and explore all the sights and smells without me putting much pressure on him. I do recall from time to time using treats and at this point he is meeting my expectations. He does know place, sit and will except a leash but if he is not perfect every time I don’t get too excited about it. He shows alot of hunt sense and I hope to enjoy many days in the quail woods with him at some point. Good luck with your girl !

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    Great job!

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