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  • Steve's avatar

    Nice! I wish I could reach out that far at my house. I can only get to 95 yards here and that’s with me standing basically on the road. Haha but you’re totally right. It makes the close shots much easier.

  • AmerP8triot's avatar

    20 a few times 30 a few times then 40. Repeat is what I do

  • Nathan's avatar

    @Steve I live in an apartment so I either have to go to the local range or my parents house to shoot at all. 95 yards isn’t too bad for your own house!

  • Steve's avatar

    @Nathan it would be nice if I could reach triple digits. Lol but I’m just shy of it. Shooting long distance is a lot of fun.

  • TW's avatar

    20 and 30 for now. Shoot 40 occasionally but a lot can go wrong. Need to get some upgrades or a new bow.

  • Nathan's avatar

    @TW hey man I get the bow situation. I shot the same bow that I bought when I was 12 until last season when I was 22. I finally upgraded this spring. It sure makes a difference but the fundamentals are the same man. An old bow can still kill an animal.

  • TW's avatar

    @Nathan the problem is not that it’s an old bow it’s that I bought it at Bass Pro because we have no bow shops around here. The “expert” at Bass Pro set me up with the cheapest sights, rest, stabilizer available and I’ve quickly out grown them. At 40 yards my pin completely covers the target, it’s time for some upgrades.

  • I shoot about 40yrds

  • Nick's avatar

    I wouldn’t take a shot at an animal more than 40 yards myself. I wish I had a place to shoot out to 110 yards.

  • Dustin's avatar

    Practice at that distance sure makes a 40 yard shot so much easier!

  • Logan's avatar

    @Nathan I know this is a older post but I’ve been looking around trying to find people that shoot far to see what they use for a target. Because when shooting far with a small target you don’t have much surface area. Was just wondering what target you use when shooting long distance? Is it a bigger target with more surface area?

  • Nathan's avatar

    @Logan I use both small and large targets. When I was newer to long range shooting I would go to the local range and shoot their outdoor targets that were 4ft x 4ft. Now I tend to simply stack a couple of block targets and go that route.

  • Logan's avatar

    @Nathan ah I see. I’ve been trying to find a large 4x4 or larger target for shooting long distance with buddies but they are very hard to find and if you do find them they ask to prove you are shipping it to a commercial building. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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I love God, I love my wife, and I love to hunt and fish.

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