A Father-Son Squirrel Hunt

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    We cook them in the insta pot with a little chicken broth for about 20 mins. Debone them and add some taco seasoning. Then make some tacos out of them. Squirrel tacos are the bomb

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    just experiment. I do that with my boys on pretty much everything. They'll learn through variation and experience. As long as you're doing it with him, he'll love the experience.
    I sent my wife a text that I just shot a deer this year, and she replied with a picture of my 9 year old holding up his first lone squirrel kill. Great memory.
    Squirrel ste is a good start, though.

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    My go to especially with kids is a hot squirrel sandwich. Boil it until you can easily pull it off the bone and shred it. Add the meat to a pot of chicken gravy and poor it over mashed potatoes on a piece of toast. My family always crushes it!

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    I like to substitute them into a chicken wing recipe. https://www.themeateater.com/cook/recipes/watch-buffalo-hot-legs-recipe

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