Pheasant Hunting Yields DIY Euro

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    Nice! Just friendly advice here. I’d soak that for 3 full days, then simmer just short of a boil for 2 hours and then pressure wash. Repeat simmer in 30 minute intervals and pressure wash again until clean. When they dry in the bone like that they can be a bear. If you get the bone too hit it will be brittle

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    Fat thumbed it. * too hot. Low and slow is the key with that state. Good luck, nice find!

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    @Mike that is AWESOME advice! I will try that.

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    @Nathan πŸ‘Š. If you can get any β€œflesh ends” to curl up, needles nose pliers and rolling it off might help.

  • Nathan's avatar

    I will do that. My dad is bringing me a pressure washed next weekend, so I can get started.

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    😳 Niceeee, Nathan!! Pheasant hunting AND that! πŸ€œπŸΌπŸ€›πŸΌ

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    Damn. Someone is missing that for certain. Nice find

  • Samuel's avatar

    Nice find. Did you spot it from afar or trip over it? Seems like most of my finds are when I pause and look at my feet

  • Nathan's avatar

    @Samuel dang near fell over it!

  • Brian's avatar

    That's going to make an awesome euro.

  • Joe's avatar

    Wow … nice find ! πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Jim's avatar

    Awesome find πŸ‘Š good luck with the euro!

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Nathan L


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