No Negativity Here: A Bow Buck Story

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  • Jesse's avatar

    I had a very similar experience on FB when I posted my first bull elk. I left that mess shorty after.

  • Alex's avatar

    I think that’s a buck you should certainly be proud of! It’s no small feat to kill a dee with a bow. Congratulations! My first buck was a 1 point!

  • Mason's avatar

    Congrats on a great first bow buck! 👍👊 🖕FB……., better world without the social media BS! Congrats 👍

  • Mike's avatar

    I’d have to ask that guy if he was man enough to talk that way to me in a bar, then I’d actually go to one for a change 🤣. Keyboard warriors suck. Congrats on a great hunt man💪👊.

  • Casi's avatar

    Buck is buck. Elk is elk. Meat is meat! Hey it’s a great buck and you should be proud! 🤘

  • T.J.'s avatar

    Maybe he would have been, maybe not. Three things are for sure though. 1. He is as old as he is gonna get. 2. He is as big as he is gonna get. 3. You liked him, so you killed him. Congratulations on a fine buck!!! We all have our own reasons for taking an animal. It's a personal choice, and we shouldn't try to push our own "standards" on someone else's adventure. IMHO. Again, great job!!!

  • Braxton's avatar

    Great job @Nathan I am still yet to get my first ever bow kill great buck tho don’t let the trophy hunters get in your brain I would be glad to take a deer like that as a first. Keep up the good work

  • Blue River's avatar

    Congratulations on the buck! 🍻 awesome first buck of with a bow

  • Daniel's avatar

    I always say if the person shooting it is happy with it then they should shoot it no matter how small or weird the deer is nice first bow buck

  • Shawn's avatar

    I received a lot of crossed eyes over my first little bow buck.Lol. But as long as the hunters happy!!!!

  • Shawn's avatar

    by the way what kind of bow is that?

  • Joseph's avatar

    Congratulations bro. Awesome first. You will always remember that one.

  • Joseph's avatar

    Congratulations bro. Awesome first. You will always remember that one.

  • Nathan's avatar

    @Shawn PSE Brute NXT

  • Arne's avatar

    I’m still hoping to get my 1st whitetail! Couple spikes on my property, but I’m hoping for a doe. That would make my day! Congratulations! He looks great to me

  • Michael's avatar

    @Nathan any deer with a bow is a trophy. I’ve killed some big ones and some small ones. The bigger ones came off a private ranch I was fortunate enough to be able to hunt. I’m most proud of the ones that came off of public land, and they definitely weren’t the biggest. Keep up the good work. 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Tom's avatar

    Great buck. Congratulations

  • Tom's avatar

    Congratulations! Nice buck.

  • Paul's avatar

    First bow Buck! That’s a big deal man. Nice work!

  • Jim's avatar

    Congrats on your first bow kill trophy. 👊

  • Okayest Hunter's avatar

    If they have a problem with it, is there problem and not yours. Cheers and congrats! It’s your tag and your hunt!

  • Joshua's avatar

    Giant buck and with a bow! That Facebook person probably can’t sit still in the woods.

  • Kyle's avatar

  • Nathan's avatar

    @Kyle 😂😂😂

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