Mysterious Find: Can You Identify This Outdoor Discovery?

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  • Ryan's avatar

    Looks like some kind of grinding stone!

  • Craig's avatar

    I’m not 100 percent sure, but I think it’s a hammer stone.

  • Cbo's avatar

    My son loves fossils and he said it could be a fossilized coral

  • Jim's avatar

    This limestone pestle would have been used by Southeastern Indians. A mortar and a pestle were common, multipurpose tools used by Native Americans from different regions and tribes. They were necessary in meal preparations, such as reducing grain and corn into flour and meal. They could also grind herbs for teas and medicines, as well as the manufacturing of paint.

    Archaic, 8000 to 1000 BCE

  • Mike's avatar

    @Jim cool. Thanks.he kinda thought it was a pestle

  • Casey's avatar

    👍🏼cool find.

  • Jim's avatar

    @Mike very 😎 find!

  • Dustin's avatar

    A rock. (Someone had to say it😂)

  • Matthew's avatar

    It looks like the grinding part to a mortar and pestle but if it’s not stone it could be a black truffle

  • Mike's avatar

    @Matthew it’s definitely stone. Not sure we even have truffles down here

  • Matthew's avatar

    @Mike idk where truffles grow but figured it looked kinda like one

  • Kyle's avatar

    Probably a hafted hammer or war club.

  • Kyle's avatar

    Very Very old though, see if a local museum would check it out for you, and try to remember precisely where you found it, that can be important for contextual clues

  • John's avatar

    Old rock….🤣😂

  • Mike's avatar

    @John yeah I was thinking Indian sex stone🤣

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