My First Ever Largemouth Bass Painting with an Airbrush: Honest Feedback Appreciated

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  • Lisa's avatar

    Well, I'm no expert, but I will say this....your work looks beautiful!!

  • Scott's avatar

    Thank you very much. I’m pleased with it. Especially being my first attempt. I’ll get even better after a few more.

  • Benjamin's avatar

    That’s dope

  • Scott's avatar

    Thanx very much.

  • Brad's avatar

    True talent right there. Nice work!

  • Jim's avatar

    Looks awesome Scott 👊👍🏻

  • Scott's avatar

    @Brad thank you very much.

  • Scott's avatar

    @Jim thank you.

  • Tom's avatar

    You did a phenomenal job! 🙌🏻

  • Scott's avatar

    @Tom thank you very much. I’m a perfectionist so I see areas of improvement. But for my first, I’m definitely happy with it. I be ordering a couple more to continue practicing.

  • Casey's avatar

    Excellent first time. 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Gobbler Knob's avatar

    Only you can see the flaws of which you speak. It’s very realistic. You should be proud of this.

  • RollTruck's avatar

    Dude that think is awesome

  • Scott's avatar

    @RollTruck thank you very much. There is room for improvement. Already planning on another couple fish and studying up on where I can improve. Stay tuned! Lol

  • Scott's avatar

    @Gobbler thank you and very proud. My thinking on the flaws are the markings (barring) in the face are off a little and I can improve on the scale tipping/markings as well. And I think the tail fin is a little dark. All of that will improve as I learn my airbrush and how to use it more. Truly appreciate the feedback.

  • Scott's avatar

    @Casey thank you sir!

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