My First Deer Hunt Success

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Whitetail Doe

  • shotgun
  • 135 lbs
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    land type
  • 30
    distance (yards)
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    I have probably killed 50 or more deer in my lifetime using shotgun slugs, 20 Guage for 90 percent of them.

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    @Brian I’ve killed several with buckshot but This is the 1st year I’ve tried slugs. I put a Burris Fastfire 3 red dot on the Benelli and I really like it. I will definitely be sending more slugs at deer and hogs. Now I’ve got to switch barrels and see how the turkey shot flies as compared to the slugs. I’m hoping that there is not much adjustment needed.

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    @Danny Here in Illinois it is slugs only, they are going to open it up for rifle next year I have heard, single shot straight wall cartridge, I don't know the minimum caliber yet.

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    @Brian That’ll be nice. We’ve always been able to use rifle or shotgun down here in Fl and Georgia. But I would like to start doing trips to some of the states that have those rules, which is why I set up that gun like that. I only paid $400 for the shotgun with 3 barrels and several chokes so I couldn’t pass that up

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Danny N


Florida cracker that loves to hunt and spend time outdoors. Was a lineman for 21 yrs now a Journeyman meter tech with the power company

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