My Biggest Buck: A 141 1/8

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    @Chappel that’s a stud of a buck it’s funny when we look back on deer and turkey we haven’t taken and compare it to how we hunt today and what we use. My biggest buck to date I shot out of a lock-on I bought from a guy who made them in his shop behind his house and where he also worked on compound bows and made his own long bows. No scent cover except pine needles or dirt . Didn’t have games cams or cell phone with me in the stand it stayed in the truck and I only used it for emergency 😂

  • Yeah. The good ol days. I remember the actual company Loc on. I think that’s how they spelled it. Also used to use screw in tree steps too. But I actually slipped off one time and my wedding ring got caught. Thankfully the ring was thin and it actually broke !!!! Or I might nine fingers today like Dan Johnson. There was a Baker tree stand but that thing looked scary. The first time I seen a Loggy Bayou climbing tree stand I was at a bow shop in West Virginia. Been using climbers ever since. Lone Wolf replaced the Loggy.

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    Golden Eagle was my first real bow. Those things were great!

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Husband, father, grandfather. I love my family, hunting, fishing and taxidermy.

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