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Antler Shed

  • found
  • public
    land type
  • 4.75
    antler base circumference (in)
  • 20
    antler length (in)
  • 5
    antler tines
  • Joe's avatar

    That is some nasty brush where y’all found that guy, great find!

  • Tyler's avatar

    Nice find

  • Phillip's avatar

    Is that a bed in that nasty stuff!!!??!

  • Hayden's avatar

    I’ve never actually been shed hunting. I’d love to but I’m honestly not sure how other than checking fences they cross

  • Tebo Creek's avatar

    @Hayden bedding areas, honeysuckle, creek crossings, field edges are all good places to look as well!

  • Hayden's avatar

    @MRS thank you for the advice. It’s probably too late this year to do any looking isn’t it?

  • Tebo Creek's avatar

    @Hayden I’m always looking any time I’m in the woods, which is almost every day. However, this time of year they’re harder to see with all the brush and grass grown up. March and April before the weeds start getting high are pretty good, although we have found a few fresh ones as early as January.

  • Hayden's avatar

    Awesome thank you

  • Tebo Creek's avatar

    @Hayden you’re welcome!

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Tebo Creek T


I find my peace in the woods, the creek, and the lake, and I enjoy sharing that with my family. I appreciate creation and the conservation of it.

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