Morel Magic: Foraged Meal Pairings

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    Any meal with morels is my favorite 🤤. I’ve had luck by stringing them and air drying in sunlight to keep moisture from molding. Then I rehydrate them by soaking in water. I store dried morels in a food saver vacuum bag. Great finds!👊

  • Samuel's avatar

    Dehydrate them. Rehydrated mushrooms are a little lame but I just made morel ravioli and it came out great. Bonus points for using the water you rehydrated the mushrooms with to boil the ravioli

  • Gerald's avatar

    Wild asparagus? They look great

  • Casey's avatar

    Does raking clams count? We've been canning of late to store food.

  • Hayley's avatar

    @Mike I’ve dehydrated them in the past but am seeking out other ways! I cut these in half and lightly dredged these in flour and then froze them! Can’t wait to see how they turn out when cooked!

  • Hayley's avatar

    @Samuel that’s sounds really delicious!

  • Hayley's avatar

    @Gerald yes!

  • Hayley's avatar

    @Casey of course it counts!

  • Casey's avatar

    Limits have been canned 👍🏻🤞🏻

  • Mike's avatar

    @Hayley let me know how they turn out👊

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