Missing You, Zachy

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  • Kevin's avatar

    Praying for ya buddy 🙁

  • Keith's avatar


  • Keith's avatar

    Sorry. Heavy. He looks like a solid officer and public servant.

  • Joseph's avatar


  • Joseph's avatar

    @Joseph I don’t mean to bring up bad memories with the link. As a fellow officer I wanted to read his story and thought others might. So that his memory lives on. God bless.

  • Boston's avatar

    Praying for you! Sorry for your loss!

  • Harold's avatar

    Thoughts and prayers for you and your family. Losing a child has to be the toughest one of all. My sister lost her 37 year old son 2-14-22. Thank you for your service, your son’s service and ultimate sacrifice is not forgotten. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • James's avatar

    Thoughts and prayers for you and your family man!

  • Kae's avatar

    Thank you for your sons service and your service! For being an example to him on how to have a heart that was willing to give his all for others! Prayers for you as he is remembered and the for the legacy he has left and you continue to leave. ♥️

  • Lisa's avatar

    This is so tough, Rick!💔💔💔 The words just don't comfort the deep ache in the soul. I'm going to put the link to your other book Rick....incase anyone is grieving over a lost child or knows someone who is....https://gobblerknoblongrifles.com/index.php/product/coping-with-grief-surviving-the-unexpected-loss-of-a-child/

  • Tom's avatar

    Much love and prayers

  • Gobbler Knob's avatar

    @Joseph thank you for honoring him by sharing that. I really appreciate it! Stay safe, brother!

  • Brian's avatar

    My prayers are with you.

  • Guy's avatar

    Thoughts and prayers for you and your family GOD BLESS 🇺🇸

  • Gobbler Knob's avatar

    I appreciate everyone’s comments. I genuinely do. I may have lost a son, but my profession lost one hell of a cop. I know he has St. Michael’s six!

  • T.J.'s avatar

    Prayers to you and yours, brother. Much respect to your son, and to you for wearing the badge!!!

  • Jim's avatar

    I feel the pain myself Sir!! I lost my oldest son 5 years ago to a automobile accident!! He would be 36!! Worst pain I’ve ever felt and feel in my life!! I miss and love mine!! I’m sorry for your loss!! 🙏 and yes tell them you love them every day! Thanks for ya,lls service!🙏

  • Ricky's avatar

    Sorry for your loss, prayers. 🙏🙏🙏

  • Mason's avatar

    Thoughts and prayers for your family!🙏🙏

  • Justin's avatar

    Condolences brother. No parent should bury their child

  • David's avatar

    Sorry for your loss.

  • Jim's avatar

    It’s a pain that never goes away!! 🙏

  • Craig's avatar

    Can’t imagine! Prayers for you and your family.

  • Gobbler Knob's avatar

    @Lisa thank you

  • Gobbler Knob's avatar

    @Jim Jim, I’m sorry you know this pain. It’ll be 6 years in June that I lost Zach. May God grant you and your son’s mother grant you peace.

  • Jim's avatar

    Thank You! It will be 6 years Dec 19th we lost Landon! May God lay his almighty hands 🙌 on you and your family , to give you comfort and peace! 🙏

  • Jim's avatar

    Thanks for putting this link up @Lisa God bless you. 🙏

  • Joe's avatar

    Thank you for sharing and reminding us all that it’s not just our Law Enforcement Officers or Military members who serve but their family’s as well. We all share in the joy and losses, thank you for your son’s service and your love and support to him to serve the American way of life!

  • Joshua's avatar

    Sorry for your loss, sir. Daddy was an officer in Raleigh NC for 28 years. I took him to the memorial in DC and watched him weep over his friends lost in the line of duty. I can only imagine how the loss of your son impacted you. You have my condolences and prayers.

  • Gobbler Knob's avatar

    @Joshua I just now saw this. Thank you for your support!

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My name is Rick Larnerd. I’m a United States Army Infantry and 35-year law enforcement veteran. I am a retired Pennsylvania game warden. I am now custom maker of high-end Pennsylvania longrifles and decorative turkey box calls. I’ve been “Recreating 18th Century Americana” as Gobbler Knob Longrifles since 2000.

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