A Special Memory with Dad.

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Whitetail Buck

  • rifle
  • 185 lbs
  • 9
    antler tines
  • 15
    antler spread (in)
  • public
    land type
  • 40
    distance (yards)
  • Jeff's avatar

    Can’t beat a memory like that for anything. Congrats.

  • Mike's avatar

    Congrats on the buck, but condolences on losing your dad. My favorite part of punching a tag is calling my dad to help drag, even when I don’t really need the help. Glad you were able to share that with your dad too, albeit too short.

  • Elisha's avatar

    Memories we hold on tight. Until we meet them again.

  • Miles's avatar

    @Jeff Thank you, I appreciate it.

  • Miles's avatar

    @Mike He was always the first call on the radio. His response every time was “Did ya hit him good?” Lol, I miss that call. I miss that drag.

  • Martin's avatar

    Beautiful buck and beautiful memory man.

  • Brian's avatar

    I know what you feel like, I shot a buck with my dad's gun the season after he passed away just because he always wanted an 8 point to mount and had it mounted as a memorial to him, it's the smallest deer I have mounted but is worth more than all the others put together.

  • Gabriel's avatar

    What a post man! 👌🏽

  • Brayden's avatar

    Epic. Thank you for sharing this with us. Great way to memorialize your dad. Sorry for your loss.

  • Miles's avatar

    @Brian 100%

  • Bradley's avatar

    Great post and a great reminder to all of us. As my Dad and I grow older I realize every season and every hunt shared is blessing.

  • Miles's avatar

    @Brad Absolutely, cherish while you can. Memories are great, but the present is better. 👊🏼

  • Jeremiah's avatar

    Thanks for sharing your story. Sorry for your loss.

  • Jeremiah's avatar

    Love that mount too. Might have to steal the idea for a future buck.

  • Miles's avatar

    @Jeremiah Have at it. I built the frame and handed it over to my taxidermist for the rest. Super easy to do 🤙🏼

  • Cael's avatar

    Beautiful mount but sorry about your dad

  • Ian's avatar

    Sorry about your dad. It’s always too soon. I really love the way they mounted that deer though!

  • Miles's avatar

    @Cael 🙏

  • Miles's avatar

    @Ian thank you!

  • Southeastern's avatar

    Great memory man.

  • Arica's avatar

    What a beautiful candid picture and a beautiful memory.

  • Clinton's avatar

    Awesome mount

  • Tez's avatar

    My an that’s still a nice deer and an important memory

  • Steve's avatar

    Love that mount!

  • Nolan's avatar

    Sorry bout your lost but good memories

  • Brody's avatar

    What a memory

  • Barry's avatar

    That's awesome! I sure miss getting to hunt with my Daddy, but I know I'll see him again in Heaven. Sure wish he was here, and especially during deer season.

  • Ferg's avatar

    A really good post miles, good to read, it’s always good to see and hear an outlook on hunting that’s about family and the positive emotive response, wish there was more like it. Sorry for your loss fella, hope your doin ok, safe to say you made him a happy and proud that day man. Definitely a memory to hold onto. One that will make you smile

  • Miles's avatar

    @Ferg Thanks man, I appreciate that.

  • Ferg's avatar

    @Miles yer welcome miles, thanks for sharing

  • Jacob's avatar

    Sorry for your loss bud but congrats on the deer

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Miles D


Wisconsin born and raised. Chasing down a good buck in the RUT and trying to get it on film is what drives me. Mixing art and design with the whitetail woods is my passion!

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