Memories Made in 2022

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  • Blue River's avatar

    Was great meeting you and having you on the show! Hopefully one day get to hunt with ya

  • Mike's avatar

    @Blue it’s on my bucket list man, and I’m committed to filling my bucket!!👊

  • O2's avatar

    Hell yeah man!!

  • Tom's avatar

    It was a full year. Here’s to another full of great memories 🥃

  • EPIC's avatar

    Man, what a year! Don't think your accomplishments and your upstanding character stop there are the positive example to many! Doesn't take very many posts to recognize that, for sure. Well done Sir and congrats on an epic season and year!

  • Brad's avatar

    Good year indeed!

  • Mike's avatar

    @EPIC thanks! I just try to fit into this awesome community 👊

  • Mike's avatar

    @Brad hoping to really accomplish some things for his year! 😉

  • Appalachian's avatar

    @Mike yessir! Let's do it again one of these days! I've got a few honey holes that don't have the near vertical ridges 🤣 only downside is there's no armadillos 🥲

  • David's avatar

    Here's to more outdoors adventures and Send It Slam 2023! Knowing @Brad and the whole @GoWild team its going to be even better.
    Its been great following you on your outings. Thank you for your advice. One thing that I learned from you thats definitely stuck is: WTF.
    Have a great year and stay wild!👊🍻

  • Mike's avatar

    @Appalachian hahaha, it’ll be different without alpine slopes and ‘dillos, but I can’t wait👊

  • Mike's avatar

    @David haha, I should trademark that. Another one is TITS (time in the stand)🤣👊

  • David's avatar

    @Mike 🤣🤣 good one! Be very interesting bringing that one up in a conversation. 😁

  • Appalachian's avatar

    @Mike 👊

  • Kevin's avatar

    Sounds like a banger year buddy! I’m jealous of all the cool guys you got to meet!

  • Mike's avatar

    @David just not in mixed company 🤪

  • Mike's avatar

    @Kevin that knife will get this one off to a great start too! 👊. The only down side was they had to meet me, haha.

  • Mike's avatar

    Congrats on a good year mike. I’m

  • Mike's avatar

    @Mike going out tomorrow afternoon as a goodbye to the season lol. Already excited for Oct 1

  • Mike's avatar

    @Mike thanks man, good luck! I’m already counting down also, but have a ton of work to make some more improvements to the property. Happy new year👊

  • Tyler's avatar

    That’s awesome 👏

  • Mike's avatar

    @Tyler you had a big year as well, here’s to 2023👊

  • Mike's avatar

    @Mike I never thought I’d want to look for my own property but I’m thinking about trying to find something small just to call my own. I live near Ann Arbor, but hunt mostly up in traverse city. So anything I between would be cool. Property value is high right now but I’m going to keep looking

  • Mike's avatar

    @Mike good luck in your search! Property IS crazy, but they’re not making anymore so it’d be a great investment. I’ve killed a ton of game on public ground but I can tell you, nothing is as satisfying as managing your own property and being involved year round. Happy hunting man👊

  • Randy's avatar

    Would like to get in a late hunt and add a few more birds to the season. I need to find some geese in fields that we can hunt. Judd is ready and so am I.

  • Mike's avatar

    @Randy the birds I had pegged moved on the next day and haven’t been back… we’ll keep scouting👊

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