Gil's Black Drum Fishing Adventure

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Black Drum

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  • Logan's avatar

    do you know if there is a stone in the head like the ones in the Elkhorn river

  • Michael's avatar

    I have never seen them with a stone in the head myself

  • Steve's avatar

    All drum have stones in their head

  • Steve's avatar

    @Michael How to remove the otoliths (lucky stones) from a freshwater drum.

  • Michael's avatar

    @Steve never heard of that. The video says freshwater drum, is it the same for Saltwater Drum?

  • Steve's avatar

    @Michael yes all fish have them but the drum species have larger otoliths.. they are pretty neat.

  • Michael's avatar

    @Steve thanks for the info!

  • David's avatar

    Jealous…shorts and t-shirts… Nice Catch!!

  • Michael's avatar

    @David thank you. If it makes you feel any better I had to travel to DC on Sunday and spent the week in the cold

  • David's avatar

    @Michael not sure what’s worse, the cold or being in DC… lol..

  • Benita's avatar

    Wow, nice catch... It's that warm right now...😲

  • Michael's avatar

    @Benita the day of this trip was 83. We do have a cold front coming through now though it’s only 61 and high of 72

  • John's avatar

    @Michael Yes, I believe that’s how they make that drumming sound.

  • Kevin's avatar

    you all did Good!

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Michael S


My wife and I love to salt water fish along the Treasure Coast of Florida!

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